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"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision"

- Peter Drucker -

What are the advantages as an employer?

Well-functioning co-workers are the axle of a company and are also able to bring success to an organization. For most co-workers it is important they feel appreciated at executing their job and also the importance of investing in development and accompaniment should not be underestimated. This way employees stay motivated, they feel more involved and will report sick less often. Research has led us to believe that coaching leads to permanent changes. It offers perspective to co-workers and it can also offer a solution at creating the right working space, conscious deployment of employee skills and rediscovering one's vitality at work and in the private domain.

How can you achieve this?

I offer a wide scope of services in individual coaching and accompaniment. I make sure employees feel motivated to further develop themselves and to operate fully in existing, changed or completely new circumstances. Any companies who are subject to change, or employees who have become demotivated due to internal problems, or even preventive coaching of employees to prevent dropout, would all be within my domain.

What does coaching look like?

In a first conversation, which is free of charge, we get to know each other and talk about the issues in question and the goals we want to reach. If there is a mutual click, a more complete intake conversation will follow, to further clarify issues and goals more precisely.
The amount of conversations, activities and the length of the route to follow are adapted to the situation of the employee and the desires of the employer.

What is the result?

The first step is self-awareness. How well do your employees know themselves or know how to react in certain situations. This knowledge makes people strong and orientated. These two characteristics determine the effectiveness of your co-workers. Personal Coaching or Team Coaching is an important instrument to reach this goal.
During coaching your people will learn to deal with obstacles as an individual or as a team and they will learn to make optimal use of their possibilities and qualities. The pleasure at work and the effectiveness thus increases.
The result: driven people who know their qualities and within a team are able to complement each other's qualities. An absolute added value that contributes to the success of your organization.
Coaching is the process in which someone acts as a guide to challenge the other person in realizing his full potential.

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