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"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases"

- Carl Gustav Jung -

As a coach, specializing in Team coaching, I believe in the unlimited assets of a team and I will not give up until the team is aware of their potential as well.

A team has a gigant potential; the many qualities and personalities could enhance and reinforce each other. But the larger the team, the more factors can be in the way of a good collaboration. Communication can lack smoothness, there may be conflicts, unrealistic expectations, hidden agendas, mutual rivalry, lack of knowledge, insecurity or mistrust.
How do you get the best out of a team, pursue the same goal and obtain an effective collaboration?

Coaching de equipos, Ayon, Tenerife

Depending on the learning objectives, the following subjects can be addressed:

• Transparent communication.
• Improving internal and/or external communication.
• Understand personal and joint responsibility.
• Benefit from everyone's qualities.
• Success factors for teams.
• Process-oriented work.
• Working under pressure.

Team Coaching is a customized training tailored to the needs and obstacles of a team. The course starts with the determination of joint team goals, personal learning goals and an unambiguous vision. Thereafter, team sessions take place regularly, in which I, as a coach, provide a clear direction, surprising insights, reflection, adjustments and guidance. The shared goals and unambiguous vision provide connection and a stronger team spirit.

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