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"Of all possible knowledge, the wisest and most useful is to know oneself"

- William Shakespear -

From the moment you are born, you are taught by and learn from your family, school, friends and so on. Useful information for daily life. But did they also teach you how emotions work, how your social relationships should go, how to deal with your fears and doubts, be more accurate or know what your needs are and how to fulfill them? What do you actually really know about yourself?

At Ayon we teach and guide you to cope with your emotions, anxiety, relationships and needs for your own benefit. We will guide you to improve your selfknowledge.

Who is this aimed at?

• For young people, still beginning their lives
• Unmotivated or extremely motivated employees
• Curious people, who want to know more about what really makes them tick.

Where will this get you? The things you lacked:

• More self-confidence and trust in the decisions you make.
• Clearer self-image
• Improving your social relationships
• To deal better with your fears and worries.
• Respect for your own needs
• More resilience in life
• More assertiveness in the field of communication.

We compiled an Empowerment Pack in 5 sessions for you, individual, dynamic with a basic theory based on psycho education tailored to your needs. There is no magic wand, so of course you'll have to contribute yourself, but the profit for you is so evident that it won´t cost you any effort. Finally you will have more tools, more knowledge about how your body and mind work and better preparation about how to play the main character in your own movie.

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